Friday, November 19, 2010

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haloo I just want to share the experience of using plaster foot detox gold. before bed my body felt very tired, so I have been using this product as a trial. After the morning my body felt lighter, body aches were gone. This product may know from my fellow friends and have known for a cheap and effective product.
Nothing wrong with it if I share my experience using this product. I want to share with the advantages of using it. Everything on a Malaysian, so all nations can use to maintain health. Among the advantages of using this product are:

1) body will be fresh and energetic
2) reduce the allergic
3) increase the rate of metabolism in the body
4) reduce the incidence of high blood pressure
5) to reduce joint pain
6) enhance the immune system
7) blood flow
8) Get sleep
9) Can lose weight and reduce foot odor

Signs that a LOT of toxins

* Frequent headaches
* The body fatigue
* Difficulty waking
* The dark around the eyes
* A lot of wind, allergy, inflammation in the joints
* Sinus
* Weight increase
* The presence of cellulite
* Acne Problems


According to Chinese medicine, the feet are like a second heart with over 60 acupuncture points. Through these points, the toxin will be sucked out through the filling Detox Foot Patches. According to Chinese medicine, our bodies have more akunpuntur 360 points, 60 acupuncture points found on the legs. The foot or more synonyms as "second heart" it is a reflection zone for the major organs of our body and is "home" to various types of toxins. When we wear, occurs when blood circulation in the feet, Detox Foot Patch absorbs toxins released from the acupuncture point. By simply using the term one night we will be able to see the effect of the change in the color and smell of Detox Foot Patches (from bright colors to the brown brown / black).

SCHEDULE OF PROPOSED USE:suggested that the detox for 5 consecutive days. For the second week, could use a rotation basis (every other day) for 2 weeks.Depending on the level of toxins and health.For a serious disease, use consecutively for 3 weeks is recommended.


detox foot gold said...

* memang berbaloi menggunakan produk ini kerana murah dan semua mampu menggunakannya


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